Navires commerciaux traversent le Passage du Nord-Est!

« … Nous sommes tous fiers et ravis d’être la première société de transport maritime occidentale qui a réussi à traverser le légendaire passage du Nord-Est (voir carte ci-dessous) et d’avoir délivré cette charge précieuse de manière sécurisée au travers de cette voie maritime trés difficile…  » a déclaré Niels Stolberg CEO du Group Beluga. « … Transiter de manière si professionnelle au travers du passage du Nord-Est sans incidents est le résultat d’une préparation minutieuse et du travail considérable d’équipe entre nos capitaines vigilants , nos meteorologistes fiables and nos équipages impliqués… plus d’info sur le site web officiel de Beluga Group>>« 


Résumé en Anglais=>

« … It was reported under German’s Beluga Group website that two of their ships, the MV Beluga Fraternity and MV Beluga Foresight, successfully transited the fabled Northeast Passage, having arrived in Siberia from South Korea by travelling around Russia’s Arctic coast line. Global warming and melting ice made the journey possible. These Beluga vessels are the first non-Russian commercial vessels to transit the entire passage. 

A journey from South Korean to the Netherlands, for example, is about 11,000 nautical miles (12,658 miles). By going northward and using the North East Passage, approximately 3,000 nautical miles (3,452 miles) and 10 days could be shaved off? That means lower fuel costs ?

“To transit the Northeast-Passage so well and professionally without incidents on the premiere is the result of our extremely accurate preparation, as well as the outstanding team work between our attentive captains, our reliable meteorologists and our engaged crew,“  said Beluga President and CEO Niels Stolberg.  The carrier is planning more Northeast Passage journeys for 2010, probably using new Super Heavy-lift P-class vessels that will be launched beginning in fall 2009…further info >> «