NANOOK Video Song: Let’s All Save the Arctic and Our Friends The Polar Bears! Like & Share!

Did you know the word “Nanook” means “the greatest of all polar bears” and stems from the polar bear God in Inuit mythology…

The Greenlandic Rock band Nanook has, through their new great music video (see below), made an artistic comment on how climate change is deeply affecting Polar bears, Humanity and especially the Inuits living in the Arctic!  

It’s a World concern for each one of us! Come on folks, let’s all Act more and more!

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“… It is concerned with the polar bear and how climate change is affecting this animal’s ways of life. But climate change does not just affect the polar bear, it also affects humanity and especially the people living in the Arctic who witness climate change on an everyday basis. Because of how climate change has resulted in uncertainties and threats to the ways of life of both animals and humans in the Arctic, the band Nanook has used the polar bear as their symbol since the earliest days. The band’s commitment to this animal as a symbol of both the power and fragility of nature, culture and life per se, is also present in the name of the band ´Nanook’ – which means ‘the greatest of all polar bears’, and is the name of a polar bear God in Inuit mythology...”.


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Save Polar bears, save the arctic, arctic 4 ever, arctic05, Nanook, climate change, greenland inlandsis

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