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Dear friends, dear visitors,

To support the missions of International Polar Organisation Arctic05, your support is essential.

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In order to achieve the objectives I wish to reach through Arctic05, we certainly need more than ever your support that can be shown:

– by subscribing to Arctic05’s Newsletter

– by becoming an Arctic05 Partner

– by requesting pictures for your exhibitions &/or conferences, to decorate your firm offices, to help you with your own projects (website, books…), to offer as a birthday gift …

– by requesting from us articles, written reportages, analysis, studies, surveys, thesis,…and even documentaries, educational &/or promo video clips, films, audiovisual reportages…

– by putting at our disposal expedition or/& film production material…

– by posting on the Facebook Fan Page called “Arctic 4 Ever” your comments, “green” realizations, your environmental solutions, your polar souvenirs, your criticisms, your local actions, your Antarctica and Arctic best shots…

– by recommending/sharing with your friends the “Arctic 4 Ever” Fan Page to create all together on the world wide web “the chain of Polar Nature respect”

– by associating yourself to trigger with us educational & awareness campaigns…

– Etc.


Let me please be already so grateful towards our new members & partners for the trust and support they will give us during the life cycle of our missions.

Many many great thanks to those who are in the background and who are for a long time motivating me to pursue this passion for the Poles.

Please, don’t hesitate to send me an email or/& to even give me a call: – +32(0)475.967.515

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05
Take care of our environment.

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