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The objective is to evaluate the ups & downs of the Arctic field, share with you Patrick Reader’s polar analysis & observations through his written reportages and pictures. Aside of his personal adventures, his desire is to attract investment via sponsored missions to produce documentaries, short films, awareness & information campaigns on the importance to save our planet, the Arctic in particular…

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The Media Lounge category is putting forward the polar articles written by Patrick Reader for magazines as “Voyages Voyages”, “Touring Explorer”, le “Vif Express”, “Découvertes”….in order to share with you his polar souvenirs, his field observations, his unexpected encounters with the lord of the Arctic Kingdom the polar bear, his unforgettable encounters with the Inuits & some practical tips.


Discover the magnificence of the Great North, the Eskimo way of life, the Arctic wildlife by reading his reportages on:

• The International Polar Year and the impact on climate change
• Iceland and its wonders
• Polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer and the so called expedition “The Arctic Arc” with Alain Hubert (Polar explorer and chairman of International Polar Foundation)
• Svalbard and its polar bears
• Greenland and Disko bay icebergs
• Patrick Reader’s interview on his polar educational project “Arctic Calling” and the crossing by sail of the mythical Northwest Passage (Alaska – Canadian arctic islands – Nunavut)… further info >> 


On this basis, Patrick Reader will feed with news both his educational websites Arctic05 and Since the start of Arctic05, he has written around 1500 news in French and English!

As a crew member, Patrick Reader took part in 2009 to the crossing by sail (+- 5.000km) of the mythical & well known Arctic Northwest Passage and become the 1st Belgian in the polar exploration history to achieve the crossing from West (Alaska) to East (Nunavut). During the 3 months expedition at the heart of the Arctic, he completed his educational project with code name “Arctic Calling – L’Appel de l’Arctique”.


First, he build up the site of his project where he defends the idea we should all act to make sure the Arctic ocean is declared a “Common heritage of humanity” where only scientific and/or peaceful activities are allowed.

“Save or Sink the Arctic” is the motto used already in 2009 by Patrick Reader to attract our attention!

On the other hand, Patrick Reader shared with us the Arctic breathtaking landscapes & wildlife, the Inuit way of life, … in his wonderful polar book titled in French “ « L’Appel de l’Arctique – Alaska – Grand Nord canadien – Nunavut – Passage du Nord-Ouest (Arctic Calling – Alaska – Canadian Big North – Northwest Passage – Nunavut) » – éditions Arctic05 International Polar Organisation – 2010 – 160.p.


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