Imaginary and Arctic Dreams

Dear friends, dear visitors,

The aim is to share with you through Patrick Reader’s photographs, written field observations, reportages and video clips, … the “educational & fun” moments of Arctic05’s expeditions and feel how wonderful & breathtaking are the Polar regions. It gives us also the opportunity to understand the future and evolution of this far away region that is under real threat due to our daily increasing industrial and human activities.

We invite you to discover the polar beauties under the category Photography.

As indicated by Patrick Reader: “The North is really an Eden of enlightenment, calmness, enchantment and freedom”. He added “It’s more than happiness what I feel when I am up there, it’s a “contemplative bliss” that I wish to share here with everyone of you”.

pavot arctique

If you wish to know more about the Arctic, its breathtaking landscapes & wildlife, the Inuit way of life, …we invite you to read Patrick Reader’s polar book titled in French “ « L’Appel de l’Arctique – Alaska – Grand Nord canadien – Nunavut – Passage du Nord-Ouest (Arctic Calling – Alaska – Canadian Big North – Northwest Passage – Nunavut) » – éditions Arctic05 International Polar Organisation – 2010 – 160.p.

Having dreams (a project/a hobby) is anyway a crucial element of our existence. Establish its concept, settle the preparation phase, work hard to achieve one’s goal and show deep perseverance are key factors to make it be a reality. By realizing a new passion one can discover along new hidden abilities, new emotions and new feelings. Afterwards, comes the phase were you will share with friends, family, unknown persons your achievements, your happiness, your discoveries…. With the hope it will spark off the desire for others to discover new perspectives and secret potentials of their own.

arctic flowerlow

Dear youngsters, dear all, put everything in place to accomplish your dreams and new projects even if it needs from you lots of efforts and energy. You see, being passionate brings one to accomplish tremendous goals …Patrick Reader has the passion for the Arctic and its wonders that he wishes with simplicity to share with you along your visits on Arctic05 website !

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To marvel & be amazed, it’s also a way to involve ourselves…All together, we can!

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05
Take care of our environment

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