Ideas of Solutions?

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I am defending for years now the idea that our education and schools should all around the world focus more on practical lessons related to nature conservation, health, local & farm products, how one should act to sustain & preserve our planet, to “civic & eco spirit and involvement”. Notably by making mandatory a 6 months “educational or civic training” (social – humanitarian – environmental) to obtain the secondary school diploma (at 18 years old).

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In the meantime, foresee as from the age of 6 till 18 a mandatory course of at least 4 hours/week which may be called “scientific & practical civic studies” where pupils would learn different themes related to nature, to sustainable ecology, to togetherness values, to the philosophy of “living better by spending less”, how to challenge life & difficulties….

I am developing more in depth these points under my Foreword.

Imagine then the cultural change in mentalities, the openness of the youth (the adults of tomorrow)  to others and to the most vulnerable, towards a nature which is already under threat…What a positive impetus this may create …

I am calling this the “societal, philosophical & environmental revival” (SPER): by the youngsters, with the youngsters and for each one of us…

Let’s be inspired, united and act as all these youngsters towards more Nature conservation!

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Take care of our environment

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