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« Save or Sink the Arctic » remains crucial to the outcome of our planet ! Let’s then be inspired as the “new local ambassadors of the Poles” and act locally  for the Arctic to be eternal. 

Let’s defend all together the following 10 ideas or solutions for our local/national politicians to endorse and to impose Asap :

1. that the Arctic ocean belongs to each one of us and is declared as « Humanity Heritage and Protected Natural Sanctuary » where only peaceful and scientific activities are authorized!

2. that an international Polar code of conduct is launched with strict and mandatory rules to ensure the jewels of the Far North are protected and that the Arctic ocean isn’t a region used for industrial (over)fishing, oil drilling, navigation of tankers, and to dump chemical waste into its waters …

3. that for youngsters from 6 to 18 a mandatory course of “scientific & practical civic awareness” is implemented in schools of all around the world with subjects related to Nature, to sustainable ecology, to “living together values”, on how “to live better with less”… and with practical courses to better challenge our daily life…

4. a mandatory educational or civic training of 6 months (humanitarian, environmental, social) with a report and a “panel presentation” in order to obtain the secondary school (at 18 year old) diploma!

5. that each school receives funds to invest in the creation of a «micro natural reserve » for our children (tomorrow’s adults) to learn the positive effects of Nature and its respect !

6. to invest even more in scientific research, on climate engineering and robotics in order to find solutions against Natural disorders!

7. awareness campaigns to limit drastically demography, to eat « local products », to say no to all the “modern industrial bad food”,  to systemic pesticides, …and to better understand their negative consequences on our health!

8. to tax all departure flights (ex : 25-Euro/pers/departure) with the only purpose to invest this money into local projets (by individuals &/or non profit organisations) linked to our environment and to sustainable development !

9. to congratulate symbolically (ex : via an honorific title, a certificate…) or/and to reward financially those individuals and/or associations who are suggesting, raising awareness and fighting for Nature protection even with small actions.

10. that holiday agencies with Polar destinations are involving on the field their clients in « eco projects » (ex : clean up action…) and to common sense rules to respect the environment, the Arctic and Antarctic wildlife…etc…

We Love the Arctic! By preserving its region & ocean, we are saving mankind ! 

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Together, we can certainly make the difference!

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05
Take care of our environment. 

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