Patrick Reader

Adventurer, photographer & reporter.

Anglo-Belgian – born on September 2nd, 1968 – based in Brussels, Belgium – – +32(0)475.967.515

Active sports enthusiast. Lover of the so called Forêt de Soignes woods, his “paradise”.

University graduate in Law and in Criminology from Belgian University of Louvain-la-Neuve. Both degrees attained with honours.

Patrick Reader is presently working in the telecom and media sector.

Founder and chairman of International Polar Organisation Arctic05.

With enormous passion, lots of work & perseverance and with deep commitment, he designed and launched the following educational websites:

Since 2005, he has written in French and English around 1500 educational news.


Macareux Moine, patrick reader


His everyday motto is based on an Indian proverb which makes him an optimist, even a dreamer: “behind clouds, there are always a thousand suns”.

Wrote several reportages for different magazines on the following topics: Svalbard & its polar bears – the International Polar Year and the impact on climate – Greenland and Disko bay’ icebergs – Iceland and its wonders – Belgian Polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer – his polar project called “Arctic Calling – L’Appel de l’Arctique”… (view under the “Media Lounge” category) and participated in several educational “nature & polar” projects with schools, individuals and associations/institutions (see under the Mission “Youth and Nature” category).

As a crew member, Patrick Reader took part in 2009 in the sail crossing (+- 5.000km) of the mythical & well known Arctic Northwest Passage and became the 1st Belgian in polar exploration history to achieve the crossing from West (Alaska) to East (Nunavut).

Wrote & published in French the polar book titled “ « L’Appel de l’Arctique – Alaska – Grand Nord canadien – Nunavut – Passage du Nord-Ouest (Arctic Calling – Alaska – Canadian Big North – Northwest Passage – Nunavut) » – éditions Arctic05 International Polar Organisation – 2010 – 160.p.


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In 2011, Patrick Reader launched his new educational web platform “Made in and for Belgium” He suggested to Vinciane Allebroeck, nature lover & expert in environmental education, to associate herself to his new environmental project on the world-wide-web. Ice and Green will bring you each day at the heart of Our magnificent Belgian Nature and for you to discover the Belgian initiatives made in the field of polar regions.


chamak ice and green


After several months of hard work, you can today discover his new educational polar website Arctic05

Please be all very welcome on Arctic05!

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05
Take care of our environment.

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