Dear friends, dear visitors,

During your visits to the Arctic05 website, we will together discover the Great North is a fragile universe despite its breathtaking, mysterious, fascinating, majestic & unpredictable character. Alternately, the Arctic is harsh & icy in wintertime. Otherwise, it is colorful and welcoming in summer. The Arctic ocean and the lands around are favorable spots for observation, contemplation and enchantment.

Well known by the scientific world & less so by the public, the North encounters evident richness of extreme beauty that finds itself however under threat due to our daily increasing human and industrial activities…

Bienvenue Panorama sur le spectaculaire Fjord de Ilulissat Kangerlua (Unesco) 2low

I wish to share with you here, through my written news, my educational projects and my photographs, my passion for this world of white & blue by hoping it will generate also in you some kind of respect and commitment towards Arctic conservation.

Founded in 2005, Arctic05’s website has four missions I invite you to discover on your visits:

Arctic’s Info Laboratory
Imaginary and Arctic dreams
Youth and Nature
Patrick Reader and Arctic05 expeditions

Let’s all be united for the Arctic and its wonders and act even with small actions we will individually initiate.

ours polaire copyright2

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05

Take care of our environment

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