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Up there in the North, Patrick Reader discovered in 2003 the archipelago of Svalbard & its wild pristine beauties (below picture). He speaks of “an authentic icy and hot area” where tranquility & unpredictability are so close they fill you with warmth beyond words.

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As from 2004, he started to define on paper the structure and content of his website. He takes here the opportunity to give warm thanks to Laurent Van Duyse, Dimitri Verboomen et Pierre Pignon of ex firm “Active Idea – Wanabe” which has shown from the start the belief in his project & has helped him in the design of the old internet site version (see below picture). He was positively astonished by the general interest to support him in this personal action of his. He takes here the opportunity to thank again his friends, family, colleagues, all Arctic05’ visitors… which are showing strong curiosity & real support.

Patrick Reader materialized his new passion by founding in 2005 www.arctic05.org which has become today an International Non Profit Organisation he’s leading as the Chairman.  Besides his day job in the telecom & media sector, Patrick is administrating Arctic05 & is investing his full time into its realization. The missions he is willing to reach under the site’s categories are plural: share his polar observations, inform and raise in each person’s mind the wish to discover with respect what hides behind the ice-pack.

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Aside from the photographs he may take & present, the essential thing for him is to inform and raise awareness the rare pearls of our world as the Arctic wildlife strongly deserve more respect for both the protection of its fauna (polar bears, walruses, reindeers, migratory birds….) and its various and colorful flora, increasingly menaced by human and industrial activities.

He deeply feels that future generations will reap the consequences of our current actions. Everyone should therefore act according to his possibilities. Although the lead by example must (should) come from elsewhere: politicians, companies,…adults who are less inclined (it’s the least we can say when the rule amongst people seems to be disinterest!) to slightly switch to new ways of living taking simply advantage of our earth without daring to think of what will happen tomorrow.

Patrick Reader believes in the idea that educational & school programs, written reports, TV spots, forums of discussions… should be focus for our youth who are tomorrow’s adults!


Patrick Reader took part in 2009 as a crew member to the crossing by sail (+- 5.000km) of the mythical & well known Northwest Passage and become the 1st Belgian in the polar exploration history to achieve the crossing from West (Alaska) to East (Nunavut). During the 3 months expedition at the heart of the Arctic, he completed his educational project with code name “Arctic Calling – L’Appel de l’Arctique”.

First, he build up the site of his project www.arcticcalling.net where he defends the idea we should all act for the Arctic Ocean to be a “Common heritage of humanity” where only scientific and/or peaceful activities are allowed.

“Save or Sink the Arctic” is the motto used by Patrick Reader to attract our attention!

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On the other hand, Patrick Reader shared with us the Arctic breathtaking landscapes & wildlife, the Inuit way of life, …  in his polar book titled in French “  « L’Appel de l’Arctique – Alaska – Grand Nord canadien – Nunavut – Passage du Nord-Ouest  (Arctic Calling – Alaska – Canadian Big North – Northwest Passage – Nunavut)  » – éditions Arctic05 International Polar Organisation – 2010 – 160.p.

In 2011, Patrick Reader launched his new educational web platform “Made in and for Belgium” www.iceandgreen.be. He suggested to Vinciane Allebroeck, nature lover & expert in environmental education, to associate herself to his new environmental project on the world-wide-web.  Ice and Green will bring you each day at the heart of Our magnificent Belgian Nature and for you to discover the Belgian initiatives made in the field of polar regions.

You will find Belgian news, exclusive interviews, unfamiliar pictures & clips, Belgium walking itineraries, “green projects” initiated by unknown Belgian citizens, books to read, wellness tips & tricks, field observations, sports and cultural events which are held in Belgium…In brief, all what Our Belgian Nature offers as the most extraordinary!

Ice and Green - Patrick Reader

Last but not least, Patrick Reader is defending for many years now the idea our education and schools should focus more on practical lessons related to nature conservation, wellness, local & farm products, how should one act to sustain & preserve our planet, to “civic & eco spirit and involvement”. Notably by making mandatory a 6 months “educational or civic training” (social – humanitarian – environmental) to obtain the secondary school diploma (at 18 years old).

In the meantime, foresee as from the age of 6 till 18 a mandatory course of at least 4 hours/week which may be called “scientific & practical civic studies” where pupils would learn different themes related to nature, to sustainable ecology, to togetherness values, to the philosophy of “living better by spending less”, how to challenge life & difficulties…. We invite you to read his foreword for further details.

Imagine then the cultural change in mentalities, the youth (tomorrow’s adults) openness to others and to the most vulnerable, towards a nature which is already under threat…What a positive impetus this may create …Patrick Reader is calling this the “societal & environmental revival”: by the youngsters, with the youngsters and for each one of us…Let’s be inspired, united and act as all these youngsters towards more Nature conservation! Two fabulous examples achieved in 2012 should here put forward and congratulated:

1. Margault, this young girl of 11 did in 2012 work several months to present to her classroom the issues around climate change, its impact on Polar régions and solutions adults & youngsters can on daily basis focus on to participante to Nature conservation… Read here the reportage titled in French « Une jeunesse belge active pour l’Arctique…Stop à la fonte des glaces » (Belgian Youth active for the Arctic…Stop to the melting ice)>>

Margault présente aux élèves du Berlaymont son projet "La fonte des glaces en Arctique"

2. Teachers from Belgian school of Hamme-Mille are involving their pupils to projects and exercices around Nature, the Arctic… and have created a pedagogical Nature reserve   … Read here the article written titled in French  « L’école d’Hamme-Mille au coeur de magnifiques projets natures et polaires (Hamme-Mille school at the heart of Nature and Polar projects)» >>


In 2012/13, Patrick Reader decided to refresh Arctic05 website with a new lay out, new categories and by focusing on more polar information, photographs and education. Even more, offer to the world web visitors the desire to discover “the Polar bear Kingdom”, its beauty and our duty to act for its preservation even with tiny actions. In this perspective, www.arctic05.org is opening up to China and to the Spanish community.

Please don’t hesitate to drop on  Arctic05 Facebook Fan page called “Arctic 4 Ever” your views – your polar souvenirs – your criticisms – your very best Arctic and Antarctic pictures shots –  your “green” solutions and remarks – your dreams, even the craziest to preserve our Nature…


Please share as well this “Arctic 4 Ever” Fan Page with all your friends, family and circles in order to create all together “the chain of Polar Nature respect”.

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