Video of mass slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroe Islands…Is this acceptable for you?

International Non-Profit Marine Wildlife Conservation Organisation “Sea Shepherd” is reporting on July 24, 2015: “… 142 pilot whales were slaughtered last night on the beach at Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. 1,100 people and more than a hundred boats participated, backed up by two Danish Navy warships the Triton and the Knut Rasmussen. Earlier in the day, more than a hundred pilot whales were also slain in an orgy of slaughter on the island of Vagur

In 2011 not a single whale was slaughtered while Sea Shepherd patrolled the waters of the Faroes. In 2013, when Sea Shepherd was not present, more than 1,300 whales were slain. Last year in 2014, when Sea Shepherd returned, the kill was 33.

Why is it different this year? Why are so many whales dying this summer?

The answer is the Royal Danish Navy. Despite the fact that killing whales is illegal under European Union regulations, the government of Denmark has thrown their weight behind the killers. Sea Shepherd, as a non-governmental organization that practices non-violent intervention, is at a complete disadvantage against two Danish warships, their helicopters and their small flotilla of commandos in fast small boats plus the boats and officers belonging to the Faroese police… 

Read here their article “The Murder of the Whales, Courtesy of the Royal Danish Navy” >> “. 


Photo- Sea Shepherd:Mayk Wendt

Photo: Sea Shepherd/Mayk Wendt 


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