The Arctic is seriously under threat & Greenpeace activists must be released by Russian authorities!

Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior Captain Mr Joel Stewart pleads in the below video for the release of the  30 Greenpeace activists  who were arrested by Russian authorities during a protest against Arctic drilling in September 2013. But the so called Arctic 30 will still be charged with hooliganism, which carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison. Arctic defenders aren’t for sure criminals! Mr Joel Stewart explains as well why it is so crucial for each one of us to defend the Arctic which is, as we all know, seriously under threat! 

It’s time to act, to support all Arctic lovers & make sure the Arctic belongs to each one of us and is declared as « Humanity Heritage and Protected Natural Sanctuary » where only peaceful and scientific activities are authorized – see here other solutions >>


Activists Protest Outside Russian Embassy In Bangkok


Captain Joel Stewart says in this video that “We need a World Park Arctic, just like we have a World Park Antarctica, where the resource extraction will not be allowed to go ahead. That will make the incarceration of my people, my friends worthwhile. But we need to ask that these Arctic 30 people be freed immediately… They are climate defenders; in my mind they are heroes… ”  



We sincerely believe defending peacefully the Arctic isn’t a crime!

Let’s all be united 4 the Arctic and its wonders! 

Support your local environment organisation or/& any other international organisation preserving Nature or/& Greenpeace International for their great ‘Save the Arctic’ project!

Join us with all your friends on Arctic 4 Ever to tell us more about your local Green projects!  

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