Chinese tankers via Arctic Northeast Passage shortcut…

International media are reporting that a Chinese merchant cargo The Yong Sheng, a 19.000 tonne vessel operated by state-owned Cosco Group is attempting at the moment the country’s first ever commercial transit of the Arctic Northeast Passage above Russia’s northern coastline and gives the opportunity to this ship to avoid the busy Suez Canal in Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. 

tanker arctic

Shipping vessel in the Bering Sea near Nome,  North of Alaska

This “sailing monster” set sail on August 8, 2013 from Dalian, a port in northeastern China, heading for the European Dutch port of Rotterdam.

Due to climate change and expected melting sea ice, this new route, also known as the Arctic Northern Sea Route, opens in fact a short-cut that promises to reduce shipping times between Asia and Europe? For further explanation, we invite you to view the first below video. The journey via the Bering Strait (see below picture)  could save as much as 15 days off the traditional route…? 

tanker 2

The tiny island called the Little Diomede in the middle of the Bering Strait between Russia & Alaska

Above all, let’s hope strict security measures have been taken to avoid any pollution disaster in the Arctic ocean in a similar way as what sadly happened in 1989 with the oil tanker vessel Exxon Valdez : view here the second video to clearly understand the scandalous consequences such vessel may provoke to our environment  and beautiful nature!

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