Your face to face with a polar bear on the Arctic Ring of Copenhagen?

The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark  is keeping polar bears for many years now. Since end February 2013, their enclosure has been extended and also designed to welcome more tourists…On the marketing side, the name chosen for the new white bear area is catchy : The Arctic Ring!  


One of the objectives is to give the visitors the possibility to admire from an under water glass tunnel of  8 meters long the wonderful & graceful King of the Arctic swimming, wrestling and playing…  further info >>

Let’s hope this attraction will be educative for the parents, children, schools and that after their visit, they will all be even more concerned by the Arctic, its protection & its outcome…and will act accordingly ! 

Arctic Ring at Copenhagen Zoo par tvnportal

And you, what do you think?

Do you recon zoos, zoological gardens, so called sanctuaries (word very often used in many countries, in particular in Asia) have an important educational mission for each one of us ? Or, do you rather think the aim of those animal parks is simply lucrative? Perhaps, you will defend the idea those places are giving the opportunity to endangered species to be protected ?

And finally, do you share the idea each country should create more parks to welcome  animals which are suffering, are in danger or under severe threat of extinction… (ex: the beautiful Philippine Eagle critically endangered – read here in French >> –  the Philippine Tarsier also under real threat  – read here >> … in order to maintain their continuity…?

Feel free to drop here below your point of view, your remarks, your ongoing “green” projects, your encouragements and your most craziest ideas to preserve Our Nature….  

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