70 students to be the new Arctic ambassadors!


70 international high school students between 14 and 18 years old will explore this summer the eastern Canadian Arctic (Areas in Nunavut: Pond Inlet, Resolute…) and western Greenland. These Students participating for 15 days to this adventure with code name “Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2013” will be accompanied by several polar experts, scientists, artists and explorers.

The main objective of the organizers “Student on Ice” is remarkable & educational: develop students’ knowledge, skills, perspectives and practices that will help these youngsters to be the new Arctic ambassadors and environmentally responsible citizens. 

Sudents on ice

During their expedition, activities will include: “… extraordinary wildlife encounters, educational day excursions, visits to remote Arctic communities and archeological sites, and opportunities to acquire first-hand knowledge and insight into the dynamics of climate change…”.

I invite you to follow on their blog “Students on Ice Blog” their summer adventure, their education program, insights and souvenirs from these young participants… – click here >>

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– “Student on Ice” is organizing the Antarctic Youth Expedition 2013 from December 27, 2013–January 10, 2014 – click here to learn how to participate >>

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