Sotheby’s: Buy an Iceberg landscape painting by Gerhard Richter estimated at £8-12 million pounds!

Sotheby’s London will host on 08 March 2017 at 7:00 PM GMT an evening auction with a selection of outstanding works by contemporary masters, including Gerhard Richter’s luminous 1982 landscape painting Eisberg (estimate price indicated between 8 and 12 Mi. UK pounds), and the extraordinary L’ Homme au Papillon by Jean Dubuffet, formerly in the esteemed collection of E. J. Power.


Sotheby's, painting, Gerhard Richter, Eisberg, 1982. From Contemporary Art Evening Auction, 2017 auction, arctic05, iceberg, vente publique, peinture chez Sotheby's London


“… This extraordinary painting is utterly captivating in its desolate serenity. Characterised by a monolithic shard of forbidding ice, and executed in a perfectly balanced atmospheric spectrum of icy, arctic hues, it exemplifies Richter’s career-defining series of landscapes. It is the largest of his three works completed on this subject.

In this work we are reminded of Richter’s extraordinary technical skill: of his ability to evoke a sense of the sublime in the same manner as Caspar David Friedrich, and of his expertise in atmospheric light effectsmore info >>




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Gerhard Richter, Eisberg, 1982, painting of icebergs, Arctic05, Sotheby's, From Contemporary Art Evening Auction, 2017 auction, vente publique, peinture chez Sotheby's London, Germany



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