Incredible Skyrunning Videos to Watch! This is the Amazing Arctic Tromso SkyRace Trail!

Tromso SkyRace is a tough and beautiful Trail running race located in Tromso, North of Norway above the Arctic circle. It is on his way for the second edition! With a incredible technical run between the fjords the race joins the 2 highest summits of the area, Tromsdalstind and Hamperokken.


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The route has long and sustained sections of scrambling terrain on Hampeokken ridge, off trail sections on lose rocky parts in Tromsdalstind and off trail forest sections on the lower parts and snow fields on the summits.

Blamann Vertical is taking place on this Friday 31 july 2015 and Tromso SkyRace (Hampeokken and Tromsdalstind) the 2nd August 2015. They will be part of the Vertical and Ultra Sky Runner Series… 



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