Our Nature is so Beautiful! Watch here Amazing Whales and Dolphins Videos! And learn more about the great “Darewin” project…

I wanted to put forward this great and educative project named “DAREWIN” which aim to encounter, communicate and collect video and audio footage of wild cetacean behavior. The team is composed of well-known Belgian freediver Fred Buyle, French engineer Fabrice Schnöller and US journalist James Nestor. By freediving, these ocean lovers will have an intimate access to Sperm whales, Orcas, Humpbacks, and Dolphins:  “… Unlike noisy scuba or ROVs, our freediving approach doesn’t scare off the animals. They don’t swim away, and they don’t attack. They become curious. Often, they welcome us into their pods and send us communication clicks…“.

What is great with this “DAREWIN project” is that they will provide their data in an open-source platform, free of charge, to physicists, linguistic scientists, and any other professional researcher interested in better understanding cetacean echolocation and click communication.


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View here below the videos to understand how amazing Sperm whales, Dolphins and other Cetacean have an incredible capacity for intelligence and communication!

Congratulations to the initiators of this wonderful educative project…and long life to those beautiful whales & dolphins!

I invite you to surf under their website http://www.darewin.org/



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