Aerial video by Peter Cox of breathtaking Arctic Svalbard archipelago…

Peter Cox and his friends are summarizing their July’ 2014 trip to Svalbard with stunning aerial images! 



“… We welcomed our first group of participants onto the ship and cast off into Isfjorden, the large fjord system that houses the major town of Longyearbyen. The weather was improving and we were to be treated to several days of great photographic conditions. Early the next morning, we woke to beautiful sunshine and I brought out a new photographic tool that I was itching to try out in this dramatic place – a DJI Phantom 2 carrying a GoPro camera. It took a bit of nerve to fly it off the deck of the Malmö – this is not a large ship, and open deck space clear of masts, stays and other obstacles was hard to come by. I set up on the boat deck just aft of the bridge and took off, getting the first of many dramatic aerial video shots of the trip. I’ve cut these together into a short film which will give you a little taste of our experience for the next two weeksplus d’info >> “.

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