The Arctic film “Le Piège Blanc” broadcasted on TV5 Monde…

The spectacular polar film Le Piège blanc is broadcasted this week on TV5 Monde Tv channel both in Europe and around the world. View here below the video trailer!

Here below the Tv agenda=>  

Europe=>  11th of September 2013 at 21h05 and 16th September 2013 at 14h03 on TV5 Europe 

– 09 Sept. 1h32 : TV5 Amérique Latine
– 11 Sept. 13h50 : TV5 Pacifique
– 11 Sept. 17h30 : TV5 Asie
– 11 Sept. 2h31 : TV5 Etats-Unis
– 13 Sept. 23h45 : TV5 FBS
– 15 Sept. 16h30 : TV5 Pacifique
– 16 Sept. 14h03 : TV5 FBS  



We invite you to surf on TV5 Monde website to discover more in depth info >>  

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