Brussels photography exhibition: The Arctic, another world?

You are all very welcome to come between the 30th September till the 18th October 2013 to Dave Walsh’ photography exhibition The Arctic: another world?  held at Belgian library of  Laeken in Brussels  in order to admire his breathtaking Arctic pictures. 





You will be amazed by Dave Walsh’ photos. This talented photographer shows how beautiful and how fragile is the Arctic and its milieu.  

Exhibition address: 246, boulevard Emile Bockstael à Laeken, Brussels – Belgium. Open to public Monday till Friday from 14 to 17h… further info >>

I invite you to surf on Dave Walsh’ website to understand his talent & view his wonderful polar cliches: . You will love them!


Iceberg from Humboldt Glacier, Kane Basin, Nares Straight, Greenland.


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