NASA indicates the ice evolution in Greenland, Antarctica and in the Arctic ocean…

NASA is studying via a range of satellites and with people on the ground the evolution of the Arctic sea ice and how fast the glaciers and ice sheets in Greenland & Antarctica are melting.  Let’s please listen carefully to the very interesting “summer 2013 conclusions” put forward in the below video by  NASA on how the ice is melting in those 3 polar areas, the long term trend and the warming  effects on the marine (ex: impact on the jet stream, on storms tracks, on the seabed, …) and wildlife (ex: on the narwhals, polar bears, …)  Arctic ecosystems, etc… 

Ice Ice Baby!


“Save or Sink the Arctic remains the crucial question for each one of us”  It’s up to us to do something about it … to act locally,  to speak about it at home, to involve all our friends, our school mates, our colleagues…and create worldwide a “chain of solidarity towards Arctic & Human conservation”.

Join us all with all your friends on Arctic 4 Ever Facebook Fan Page – click here >> –  in order to show the world how much the Arctic and its wonders are essential to protect ….and/or join a local “green” association  or any international organization like Greenpeace which is actively protecting the Arctic via its incredible campaign called “Save the Arctic”.   



If you wish to know more about the work and the analysis done by NASA in the Polar regions, I invite you to surf on their official website


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