Asia in love with the Arctic…

Let’s please welcome on the worldwide web the Asian Arctic Research Programme internet site It’s official launch will take place on June the 13th, 2013 during a seminar titled “Asian countries – Arctic aspirations”. 


In fact, this website is going public only a few days after five Asian countries were welcomed as permanent observers to the Arctic Council (South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, India and Singapore) – click here to read the article >> and this shows how much the Arctic is increasingly becoming a place of international attention.

It’s indicated on the website: “… In the AsiArctic research program we, researchers from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) and the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies (IFS), aim to contribute new and relevant knowledge on the Arctic interests of China, Japan, Korea and India. More specifically, we are investigating the following topics=>

– Asian states, Arctic International governance, and Norwegian interests – click here >>

– Security challenges – click here >>

– Energy and other strategic resources – click here >>

– Polar and climate research… click here >> “.

We invite you to surf on AsiaArctic website for any further info >> 

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