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Dear friends, dear visitors,

I have the pleasure to announce you the launch of International Polar Organisation Arctic05 new website. It’s since 2005 you are following on polar news & educational articles. More over 1500 news/reportages were written in French and English with the focus to share with you one of my passion.

I wanted to refresh Arctic05 website by proposing you a new lay out, new categories and by focusing on more polar information, photographs and education. Even more, offer to the world web visitors the desire to discover the “Polar bear Kingdom”, its beauty, its secrets and our duty to act from home towards its preservation even with tiny actions. In this perspective, is opening up to China and to the Spanish community

During your visits on Arctic05’s website, we will together discover the Great North is a fragile universe despite its breathtaking, mysterious, fascinating, majestic & unpredictable character. Alternately, the Arctic is harsh, dark & icy in wintertime. Otherwise, it is in summer rather colorful, shiny and welcoming. The Arctic ocean and the lands around are favorable spots for observation, contemplation and enchantment.

Well known by the scientific world & less so by the public, the North encounters evident richness of extreme beauty that finds itself however under threat due to our daily increasing human and industrial activities…

I wish to share with you here, through my written news, my educational projects and my photographs, my passion for this world of white & blue by hoping it will generate also in you some kind of respect and commitment towards Arctic conservation.

Let me please take here the opportunity to address a warm thanks to all those who did help me to realize this new web project, especially Xavier, Paola, Chamak, Vinciane, Sasha O, Kris…I will never be enough grateful to the unknown net visitors who are sending me support messages, to my friends and all the Nature lovers which have always been there to encourage me to pursue my hobby with vitality & commitment.

Wallruses North of Wainwright, Alaska- Morses au Nord de Wainwright, Alaska.

Thank you so much to all and please let’s make sure our new Arctic05 adventure is for each one of us a forum where one can discover, share and act for our Nature!

Please join us then on our Facebook Fan Page called «Arctic 4 Ever » to share with us your views – your polar souvenirs – your “green” realizations – your Antarctica and Arctic best shots – your environmental solutions – your criticisms – your local actions and ongoing “educational projects” – your most craziest ideas/dreams to preserve our Nature…

Share as well “Arctic 4 Ever” Facebook Fan Page with your friends, your family, at school, within your association, at work…to create all together on the worldwide web the “chain of Polar nature respect”. Together, we can certainly make the difference!

All the very best in your own achievements.

Let’s all be together united for the Arctic and its wonders,


Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05
Take care of our environment.

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