Arctic Futures 2012 report has been published by International Polar Foundation!

The International Polar Foundation  (IPF) has published the final report of the  “Arctic Futures 2012 Symposium” held last October in Brussels, Belgium.  

The report aims at giving an overview on what the experts said about essential subjects related to the Far North:  its marine and energy resources, maritime safety in the Arctic ocean,… and the importance of long term scientific monitoring in the Arctic.

I invite you to surf under their new educational website. The next Arctic Symposium is planned in Brussels, Belgium for the 16-17th of October 2013.

In the meantime, please don’t forget to attend till end of May the exhibition « Inside The Station » which is organized by the IPF for you to understand more in depth the missions of Belgian Polar Antarctica Station  « Princess Elisabeth ». Click here for further info >>

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