New film & book on the Northwest Passage!

Skipper & polar explorer Cameron Dueck will released next spring a book on his wonderful expedition through the Arctic Northwest Passage. It will be titled “New Northwest Passage”.

Expedition crew : Dr. Tobias Neuberger (left) – Cameron Dueck (middle, Canadian Skipper and Expedition Leader) –  Hanns Bergmann (right, first mate)

Cameron has produced as well a documentary on this incredible Arctic adventure. He is looking for Media sponsors who could help him to broadcast his film. If you can help Cameron please contact him at following address or myself at Please find here below his Video Trailer. Otherwise please visit for more information.  

Open Passage – Trailer from Cameron Dueck on Vimeo.

“… Open Passage is a documentary that tells the story of a sailing voyage through the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic, as well as the story of the people who call this remote place home. Directed by Cameron Dueck. Trailer edited by Seamus Walsh.

Silent Sound in front of the Northermost point of the US – Barrow Alaska – July 2009

The 40-foot yacht Silent Sound anchored in Barrow, Alaska next to 2 other sailing vessels (Baloum Gwen & Ocean Watch) attempting all 3 the crossing of the Northwest Passage (+-6000km in the Arctic Ocean). 

The 40-foot yacht Silent Sound bumps through ice and fog in the infamous Northwest Passage, her small crew nervously scanning the horizon for clear water. Fewer people have sailed this passage than have climbed Mt Everest. These waters are normally locked in ice, but due to climate change it is now possible to sail here for a few short weeks each summer.

Expedition crew : Dr. Tobias Neuberger (left) – Hanns Bergmann (middle, first mate)- Cameron Dueck (right, Canadian Skipper and Expedition Leader) –  

The crew drop anchor in Inuit villages where they join hunters in stalking their game and experience the last vestiges of an ancient nomadic culture. Each person they meet destroys another fantastic stereotype about the Inuit and their way of life… more info >> ”