Des études en Georgie du Sud sur le Grand Albatros…

The Clipperton Project (TCP) annonce sa nouvelle expédition vers la Georgie du Sud  qui débutera dès ce mois de mars 2014  et où l’équipe entreprendra des études et analyses sur différents thèmes scientifiques tels la surpêche, les micro plastiques, les espèces invasises et en particulier comprendre le déclin rapide  de la population du magnifique et grand Albatros hurleur.




Why The Clipperton Project?

« … When the census is complete, that’s when the work really begins. We will take the plight of the Wandering Albatross to the global community.

We passionately believe in the power of people and community, in the remarkable things we can achieve when working together. Our work will not only highlight the plight of the Wandering Albatross, but will also educate for the future. In particular, the future for our environment.

Bringing together passionate and inspiring people from so many nationalities for the cause of conservation and scientific understanding of this majestic bird will inform people, but, more importantly, will also demonstrate to them what they can achieve when they decide to participate in their own lives – because we can all be expeditionaries… further info >>  » 


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