Symposium au Groenland sur les calottes glaciaires et les glaciers!

Le Symposium intitulé “Reconciling observations and models of elastic and viscoelastic deformation due to ice mass change” aura lieu du 30 mai au 2 juin 2013 au village Inuit d’ Ilulissat au Groenland (photos ci-dessous).

Vue plongeante de l'hôtel Arctic Hotel d'Ilulissat sur la Baie de DiskoLOW

“… Knowledge of present-day changes in the ice sheets and glaciers are critical to partitioning the individual sources of the well-observed global sea-level change. Similarly, knowledge of past changes is required to advance understanding of the paleo sea level budget and also provide the context for present-day changes. Both past and present changes in the mass balance of the Earth’s glaciers and ice caps induce present-day deformation of the solid Earth on a range of spatial scales, from the very local to global. Observations of present-day changes in Earth’s shape, gravity field and rotation are therefore sensitive to changes in ice load over a large range of time-scales… further info >> “

Vue sur la Baie de Disko -  Ilulissatlow

The following topics will be covered:

– Observations of present-day changes in glaciers and ice sheets and solid Earth response
– Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) on a heterogeneous Earth: Going beyond 1D Maxwell Earth models
– Cryospheric Deformation in Low Viscosity Regions
– Reconciling models and observations of GIA

Address of the Symposium:  Hotel Arctic (1ère photo ci-dessus), Ilulissat, Greenland.

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