Harry’s Arctic Heroes sur BBC1, les 23 & 30/08/11!

Seven people and 4 heavily handicapped wounded soldiers (amputees) have been dropped on the ice of the Arctic ice cap for an expedition called « Walking with the Wounded »View the documentary on the BBC1 – 23 & 30th of August 2011!

« … The expedition team finally set foot on the frozen arctic sea, as the injured Afghan veterans continue their unsupported trek to the North Pole, joined by Prince Harry. Captain Guy Disney describes the remote wilderness: « It is utterly stunning … it’s known as the Devil’s dance floor – it’s a close to God as you get. » Prince Harry reflects: « I think I have three different lives, one’s my military life, one’s my private life and one’s the public stuff, it all intertwines with each other but me as a military man is probably my number one favourite, because you get to spend some time with people like this – it is very special. » The inhospitable environment presents a massive challenge for them all. After breaking his back Sgt Stephen Young was told he’d never walk again: « This is a good way of putting it all behind me. » When they finally reach the Pole Captain Martin Hewitt responds to those who said it couldn’t be done: « I’m disabled and I’m standing on the geographic North Pole….more info >>  »