2011 Arctic Science Conference!

La réunion annuelle « The Arctic AAAS Division » se tiendra du 21 au 24 septembre 2011 à Dillingham en Alaska. Le thème de cette année est « Ecosystems: Understanding the Cycles ».

« …As the Arctic witnesses climate change at an alarming rate, its marine and terrestrial ecosystems are also rapidly transforming. This is causing many new challenges for scientist and policy makers. Broad scale changes includes significant losses of sea ice, reduction in permafrost, and the the conversion of tundra to wetlands and shrub lands. These ecosystem level changes in physical conditions are influencing the health of human and environmental systems. Science based management and conservation is needed to help determine how our society will adapt and keep nature resilient and healthy. This year, please join us in rural Alaska and add to our understanding of the issues that surround maintaining ecosystems and human health… further info under www.arctic.aaas.org«