Conférence sur l’Antarctique en Ukraine!

La 5ème conférence internationale sur l’Antarctique intitulée « Antarctica and Earth Global Systems: New Challenges and Outlooks » se tiendra au National Antarctic Scientific Center à Kyiv – du 17 au 19 mai 2011 – Ukraine. 

« …The basic objectives of the conference are:

– to present weighty results of Antarctic investigations in main scientific areas such as Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences;
– to accentuate specific global value of polar research – comprehensive analysis of atmosphere, geosphere and Antarctic biota to solve a number of problems facing the mankind. Such problems are – global warming and associated risks, exhaustion of available hydrocarbon, mineral and fresh water resources; growth of natural cataclysms that cannot be predicted, namely climate changes, rise of common seismicity level and growth of the quantity of natural and technogeneous catastrophes etc…

The conference sections are:

– Earth Sciences (Geologic-geophysical research, Geographic research, Geoecology);
– Life Sciences (Biological, Microbiological research);
– Physical Sciences (Hydrometeorology, Oceanography, Geospace);
Medico-physiological research…further info >> «