Arctic Science Summit Week 2011…

Arctic Science Summit Week 2011 – du 27 mars au 1er avril, 2011 – Seoul, Corée.

« …The purpose of ASSW is to provide opportunities for international coordination, collaboration and cooperation in all fields of Arctic science and to combine science and management meetings.

1. Disciplinary Sessions
– Arctic Atmosphere, Climate Processes and Teleconnections
– Arctic Change and Implications for Terrestrial Ecosystem Services
– Arctic Marine Climate Change: Causes and Impacts on the Marine System
– State of Glaciers and Permafrost and Associated Feedbacks to the Climate System
– Societal Changes in the Arctic and North-South Relations
2. Interdisciplinary Sessions
– Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change: Past, Present and Future
– State and Fate of Sea Ice and Legal and Policy Consequences on the Global Community
– Observing, Modeling and Prediction of Arctic Change…more info under >>