La 1ère conférence mondiale sur les oiseaux!

The 1st World Seabird Conference – at the Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada – 7 to 11 of September 2010.

« …The 1st World Seabird Conference International Steering Committee, led by the Pacific Seabird Group and 25 other professional seabird and research organisations from around the world, is leading the development of this important, inaugural conference focused on seabirds. Through a strong conference program, the goal of this Conference is to put seabird management and conservation into a worldwide perspective. By bringing 500 – 600 participants from over 30 countries together, we will comprehensively address the global issues and data needs for these species, most of which inhabit multiple countries and waters within their own ranges.


A. Primary Symposia – featuring the following themes

– Climate Change Comparative Ecosystem Dynamics of the World’s Oceans
– Interactions between Seabirds and Fisheries: A Global Perspective
– Spatial Ecology At Sea: Opportunities and Challenges for Seabird Marine Protected Areas
– Seabird Island Ecology and Restoration: A Global Synthesis  
B. Special Paper Sessions – including the following topics
– Interactive Effects of Chemical Contaminants, Parasites, and Stressors on Seabirds
– Seabird Phenotypic Plasticity and Microevolution
– Marine Debris
– Seabird Demography
– Technological and Analytical Innovation in Seabird Research
– Longterm Monitoring
– Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics of Seabirds
– Seabirds and Economy: Are We Missing the Link, or the Entire Ark?
– Managing Forage Fisheries for Feed, Food, and Prey…further info under … »