Vertical-Sailing au Groenland…

Vertical-Sailing – Greenland – summer 2010

Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto and Bob Shepton are sailing on the West Coast of Greenland looking for virgin big walls to explore. We hope Bob (the captain) has mature enough ears for the heavy jamming expected. Storms should quickly disappear with the fine-tuning of our music instruments.

« …That’s it! We are super psyched to be going to Greenland in a few days. No long walk-in approaches this time (last expedition in Baffin Island we walked almost 600km in total) We’re going to be approaching some remote Virgin big walls located on the west coast of Greenland by sailboat (basically straight across from Baffin Island).

According to our sources there should be a huge amount of unclimbed walls in this area. The sailboat will be our base camp/music studio and means of travel and exploration. Our adventure will not only include the climbing but also the sailing since we will have to sail trough the icebergs and all the way back across the Atlantic to Europe afterwards.

The spirit of adventure and our motivation to embark on an expedition with a smaller ecological impact and more by fair means, lead us to the idea to combine a climbing expedition with a sail boat for transportation. With a bit of research, Greenland seemed the perfect destination for this adventure…further info under «