(Ant)Arctic Matters expedition d’ici peu!

Dixie DANSERCOER (Belgium) – Troy HENKELS (Alaska, USA)  pour l’expédition du nom de code « (Ant)Arctic Matters 2011-2012 The Expedition » – de novembre 2011 à février 2012.

Dixie DANSERCOER (Belgium) – Troy HENKELS (Alaska, USA) are aiming for a NEW WORLD RECORD for the longest distance (6000 km) non-motorized travel in complete autonomy. The longest supported expedition so far is The International Trans Antarctic expedition from 1990, covering 3741 miles (5835 km) in 220 days. The longest unsupported expedition is 4808 km in 90 days by Rune Gjeldnes…keep on eye on this up & coming expedition – more info under www.aamexpedition.org >>