Symposium à Tromso sur la banquise…

L’International Glaciological Society annonce un Symposium International sur « Sea Ice in the Physical and Biogeochemical System », à Tromsø, Norvège – 31 mai au 4 juin 2010.

« …  Topics =>

– Sea ice in the regional and global climate system, including: atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction, feedbacks, large-scale observations, Arctic vs. Antarctic, GCM simulations, dynamics, conditions in the past;

– The role of sea ice in Polar ecosystems, including: marine mammals, birds, fish, copepods, microorganisms, algae, bacteria;

– Physical properties of sea ice, including: growth and decay of sea ice, bulk properties, in-situ measurements, microphysics, models, lab experiments, theoretical approaches;

– Biogeochemistry and physics of sea ice, including: brine composition, nutrients, oil and pollutants, iron, carbon and oxygen cycling, gas exchange, dissolved organic matter, black carbon;

– Sea ice thickness, drift and large-scale circulation, including: in-situ measurements, remote sensing, and numerical modelling of sea ice thickness, concentration, drift, and ice mechanics;

– Snow on sea ice, including: snow thickness and processes, melt ponds, atmosphere-snow interaction, gas exchange, effects for remote sensing
Social, economic and political importance of sea ice, including: indigenous and local societies in a changing climate, shipping through sea ice, economical use of the Arctic, use of local knowledge;

– Sea ice research beyond the IPY, including: international and interdisciplinary studies, legacy of IPY, observational systems, public outreach, education… more info >> «