Inukshuk inspire l’emblème des Jeux d’Hivers!

The Canadian Press indicates on 27th January 2010 that « … The ancient Inuit stone marker Inukshuk (in-OOK-shook) is a carefully balanced pile of unworked rocks and slabs. They were built by the Inuit through time to guide travellers, assist with hunts, warn of danger or indicate caches of food.

When the design for the Olympic emblem was to be chosen in 2005, the Vancouver organisers choose the Inukshuk, and gave it a more human look. The emblem is to represent hope, friendship, hospitality and teamwork and it got the name Ilanaaq (ih-LAH-nawk), meaning friend. It was cast in Canada’s red and two shades of blue, along with green, yellow and gold, to evoke the host country’s sweeping forests, mountains, islands and sunsets.

First Nations people in Arctic regions from Alaska to Greenland also used such markers and they can be found around the world, including one on the summit of Pike’s Peak in Colorado and elsewhere in the western United States, where they were built by Navajo and other Native Americans… read the entire article here >> «