Le festival des aurores boréales…

The Northern Lights Festival aura lieu du 28 janvier au 6 février 2010!

For more than twenty years, the city of Tromso in Norway has been blessed with a musical extravaganza in the last week of January. This year, the Northern Lights Festival will occur between the 28 of January till February 6th 2010. It has each year been presenting top artists from a wide variety of genres ranging from early music to modern, from opera to jazz, from chamber music to symphonic orchestras.

The festival contains spectacular outdoor events, lectures, exhibitions and other events like the Northern Lights cruise, festival pubs and masterclasses for musicians. It is fair to say that the Northern Lights Festival is an art music festival of high quality with a programme that should be of interest for a wide-ranging audience… view the programme of 2010 >> 

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