Time4Climate justice: agissons!

We must do something about it!

« Our campaign seeks to influence political leaders to come to a global deal in Copenhagen that is robust, fair and effective – Kofi A. Annan, Global Humanitarian Forum » 

« … From December 7-18 of this year, political leaders from nearly 190 states will gather in the Danish capital Copenhagen for the 2009 United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP15), where the next big international climate change agreement will be decided, before the expiry of the current Kyoto Protocol in 2012.

Since 1995, there have been lots of conferences about global warming – Kyoto, Bali and Poznan to name just a few – and there’s been a lot of talk, but very little real action: so climate change just keeps getting worse, more intense, more destructive.

Copenhagen is a key moment in human history: get it right and we may bring climate change under control. Get it wrong and we may be forced to accept the catastrophic consequences of inaction. We know we can’t just leave it up to the politicians alone. History shows that ‘People Power’ has an enormous influence on governments, and together we can help bring about a global revolution, make governments take climate change seriously and actually tackle it.

So, if up until now you’ve felt helpless and without a voice, this is your chance to make a difference. Now is the time to get behind the ‘Tck Tck Tck: Time for Climate Justice’ campaign, to spread the word about everything that is at stake… more info under www.timeforclimatejustice.org … »