Changement climatique sur notre terre…expo!

Du 10 novembre 09 au 15 mars 2010 aura lieu des expos photos et vidéos pour jeunes et adultes sous l’intitulé « Climate Change in Our World » (changement climatique sur notre terre) & « How We Know About Our Changing Climate » (ce que nous savons du changement de notre climat).

Où?  American Assn for the Advancement of Science, 1200 New York Ave NW, Washington DC 20005 – US.

« …The time in the US of Congressional debate on a climate law, and preceding the Copenhagen international climate negotiations, will be an extraordinary moment of preparation, education and news focus. The planned exhibit will be an important element in education and inspiration to action. The exhibit will be visually arresting with five foot high prints, and with detailed captions carrying a forthright statement that the atmosphere is warming rapidly and hundreds of scientifically-documented effects can be seen around the planet. It also will illustrate the steps we must take to limit the warming and effects, which are creating a new world of technology, urban life, energy, labor and transportation…plus d’info >>  »