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Nous vous invitons à vous rendre sur le
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PCO « Polar Conversation
Organisation »
, un de nos Partenaires
. PCO organisera un évènement en
Belgique le 25 octobre 09 afin de présenter son Organisation et ses
 (plus de détails ci-dessous).

The « Polar Conservation
Organisation » (PCO)
is committed to the establishment, maintenance and
monitoring of relevant international framework agreements for a sustainable
future of both Polar Regions. Their objectives

– to create awareness, inform and educate the public about the Polar
– to support the establishment of an Arctic Treaty by the
international community,
– to support efforts to ensure that the existing
Antarctic Treaty remains consistent and sustainable,
– to aim for a global
exchange of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the Polar

PCOAnimated Explanations

On the 25th of October 09, the Polar Conservation
Organisation (PCO) wants to take this opportunity to introduce their non-profit
organisation to the public, industry and
politicians. PLEASE NOTE: Registration needed

Multimedia presentations and a chance to meet the people behind the
organisation and understand more about what we are doing. An
opportunity to meet our sponsors and members. There will be
food, drinks and giveaways. PLEASE NOTE: Registration is
When=> Oct 25, 2009
from 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM 

Where => G-by Mario, Erasme Ruelensvest 9, 3001 Heverlee – Leuven,
To register for the Polar Conservation Organisation
(PCO) event, sent a mail to:

Kris Molle (Ms) – Research & Liaisons Officer – kris@polarconservation.org
– Tel. +32 2 7721579 – further info
under the official Polar Conversation Organisation website