Des centaines de morses morts!

Des centaines de morses ont été retrouvés morts sur la côte Nord-Ouest de l’Alaska (voir ci-après en anglais), coïncidant avec le rapport du National Snow & Ice Data Center que l’Océan Arctiuqe a connu ce 12 septembre son 3ème record de fonte Ci-dessous des photos de morses prises en juillet 2009 à quelques kilomètres du village de Wainwright, côte du Nord-Ouest de l’Alaska – Chukchi Sea de l’Océan Arctique.  

« … According to the Centre for Biological Diversity – USA, the retreating sea ice deprives female walruses and calves of their natural habitat so they are forced to come ashore and congregate in densely packed groups with larger males. The dead animals found appear to be mostly new calves and yearlings. Campaigners believe the walruses were trampled to death in stampedes.

Shaye Wolf, a biologist with the Center for Biological Diversity said « The deaths of these walruses is another wake-up call that we will lose the Arctic if we continue on our current course. Every moment that Washington delays in taking strong action on climate change, it robs the walrus, the Arctic, and Arctic people of a future.The rapid melting of sea ice due to climate change is forcing the Pacific walrus, a well-known resident of the Arctic seas between Alaska and Siberia, into a land-based existence for which it is not adapted. In 2007, the early and extensive disappearance of summer sea ice pushed females and calves onto the Russian and Alaskan coasts in abnormally dense herds. Russian biologists reported that 3,000 to 4,000 walruses, mostly young animals, died in 2007 after being crushed to death in stampedes. Last week, U.S. Geological Survey researchers reported a large herd of 3,500 walruses on shore near Icy Cape, as sea ice disappeared over their foraging grounds… read the entire report here >> «