2°C de + est trop pour les manchots de l’Antarctique…

« … The World
Wildlife Fund (WWF) report recently released , 2°C is Too
, shows that a global average temperature increase of 2
degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), which climate models forecast could be
reached in as few as 40 years, would sharply reduce sea ice coverage in the
Southern Ocean (that the most northerly locations of the Antarctic would show
the most pronounced declines in sea ice) where penguins live, breed and

The report concludes that such significant
warming and sea ice loss would likely lead to the marked decline or complete
disappearance of many penguin colonies, including 50 percent of Emperor Penguins
and 75 percent of Adélie Penguins
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Watch here 2 interesting videos…which shows us we need to act all
very fast!