Arctic Research & Drastic Change Under Global Warming…

Le Symposium intitulé « First International Symposium on Arctic Research – Drastic Change Under Global Warming » aura lieu du 4 au 6 Novembre 2008 à Tokyo au Japan.

The Science Council of Japan Subcommittees for the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Climate in the Cryosphere Program (CliC) announce a symposium, « International Symposium on Arctic Research – Drastic Change Under Global Warming  » to be held 4-6 November 2008, in Tokyo, Japan.

The following topics will provide the basis of general discussion:
(1) Changes in the arctic climate and sub-systems
(2) Studies on the atmosphere-ocean-land system in the Arctic
(3) Feedbacks embedded in the sub-systems of the Arctic
(4) Impacts and feedbacks between the arctic and global climates
(5) Global and regional modeling, focusing on the Arctic
(6) Arctic influence on the Asian climate

The following general session will be provided. The Symposium language will be in English.

(1) Atmospheric Science
(2) Ocean and Sea Ice
(3) Hydrology, Permafrost and Snow cover
(4) Ice Sheets and Glaciers
(5) Terrestrial Ecosystem and greenhouse gas
(6) Marine Ecosystem
(7) Integrated Modeling Studies

The following special session is planned

(1) Drastic change in the Arctic under the Global Warming
(2) The latest update from the IPY (International Polar Year) Projects
(3) AFoPS (Asian Forum for Polar Sciences) Cooperative Research Network for Polar Climate Change Study… further info >>