Antarctica A Call to Action, agissons tous!

Le nouveau livre de Sébastian Copeland intitulé « Antarctica: A Call to Action » est maintenant en vente en langue anglaise (voir ci-dessous la couverture), Earth Aware Editions, 96p.

« … Master photographer and Global Green leader, Sebastian Copeland, issues a global clarion call in his latest book Antarctica: A Call to Action, the sequel to his bestselling Antarctica: The Global Warning. Copeland’s awe-inspiring images of the frozen continent capture the beauty of the glaciers, biodiversity, and wild wide seas of the Drake. Along with exceptional new photographs, Antarctica: A Call To Action is a concise and visually compelling discussion about global warming with a hopeful and helpful new take: each of us can make a positive difference through small changes. With insightful commentary, the purity of undoctored photographs and « takeaways » provide readers with simple lifestyle changes to help preserve Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem. A highly accessible and hopeful book, Antarctica: A Call to Action will inspire everyone to save this magnificent continent for future generations… plus d’info >> «