2008 Arctic Science Conference en Alaska…

The Arctic AAAS Division  se réunira du 15 au 17 septembre 08 à Fairbanks en Alaska. Le thème de cette année est intitulé « Growing Sustainability Science in the North: The Resilience of the People in the Arctic ».

« …The importance of the resilience of the people of the Arctic is little understood. Among the eight circumpolar nations are three of the four largest in the world in geographic area. The Arctic will become an important route for trade and commerce between Europe and the Eastern Pacific regions during the 21st century. It is necessary to observe and understand change in order to respond and adapt. IPY offers an opportunity to investigate brought about by the results of international collaborative science and engineering research… »

The conference will contain several sessions relating to Arctic science and sustainability. For information about the planned sessions and events, please visit the 2008 conference overview page >>