16th Annual Arctic Conference en Alaska…

The 16th Annual Arctic Conference will be held in Barrow, Alaska, the farthest north city in the United States. Meetings will take place in Barrow’s new science support facility, 2-4 October 2008. Students are especially encouraged to present thesis and dissertation research findings in a collegial atmosphere that includes senior archaeologists, anthropologists, ecologists, and geologists who gather once a year to share data and new findings and to plan collaborative research activities. Limited support is available for students who are presenting papers.

The conference timing has been chosen to maximize the probability of coinciding with fall whaling. Tours of the 1881-1883 International Polar Year (IPY) site, of the Inupiat Heritage Center, and of active climate change research sites will be available. Adventurous participants may have the opportunity to snow-machine to Point Barrow, where the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas meet and where the National Science Foundation (NSF) has a large multi-year archaeological project underway.

For more information, please contact:
Anne Jensen
Phone: 907-852-3050
Email: anne.jensen@uicscience.org