Stop au commerce des phoques, réagissez!

The European Commission is considering a seal-product trade ban that would save millions of seals from a horrible fate. You can help convince the EU to end the cruel seal product trade now! Take the EU’s survey today to tell them what you think. It will take you a few minutes to answer the complete survey, but not all questions are mandatory. (Répondez ici à l’enquête de l’Union Européenne, cela vous demandera que quelques minutes)

A new report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) spells out the real horror these seals are about to face unless we speak out right now:
=> The report found strong evidence that seals killed in the hunt, most between three weeks and three months old, are not always killed effectively;
=> Sealers often do not comply with the Canadian regulations in relation to administering basic tests to ensure seals are dead prior to skinning;
=> As a result, there is damning evidence that the seals suffer pain and distress…more >>