Notre lecture du mois: Beluga Whales, de Tony Martin (version anglaise) – Worldlife Library – 2002 – 72p.

Magnifique chef d’oeuvre accompagné de splendides photos vous donnant l’envie de mieux connaître  la vie de cette créature fascinante qu’est la baleine blanche.  Partagez donc les heures d’observations menées par Tony Martin pour l’essentiel sur la côte Nord de l’île de Somerset – Cunningham Inlet – Nunavut.

«…Belugas are probably the most vocal of all cetaceans, and were dubbed “sea canaries” by mariners familiar with their sounds penetrating the drum-like hull of a ship. Their uniqueness is even better exemplified by the noise they make above water. Some nights at Cunningham Inlet I was unable to sleep because of the extraordinary noises emanating from perhaps 500 belugas playing and scratching in the river outlet below. Passing air through the “lips” of their blowhole, the whales could blow “raspberries”, whistle and scream over large disrances. Combined with a great deal of splashing using tails and heads, the effect was at the same time both amusing and awe-inspiring; one of those experiences that can never be forgotten…p.44”

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