This summer 2014: two Garcia yachts are attempting to transit legendary Arctic Northwest Passage!

During month of May, I had the great pleasure to inform you about the launch of the new wonderful exploration vessel of Garcia Yachting, the Garcia Exploration 45. This summer 2014, two yachts from the Garcia Yachting fleet will attempt to transit from East (Nunavut) to West (North of Alaska) the mythical Arctic Northwest Passage – see here pictures >> .


Garcia 45 Explorateur


Jimmy Cornell’s boat Aventura (picture here above), the first Exploration 45, will make the journey as part of the Blue Planet Odyssey, a green project aiming to raise awareness of the global effects of climate changes on the Arctic pack-ice, the Galapagos islands,  the Great Barrier Reef… 

Mannevaï, a Nouanni, will also go, at the end of July.  

I invite you to surf under their websites to see their progress and to encourage them:  click here for Aventura >> and click here for Mannevaï >>… Safe journey to both crews! 




Garcia Yachting are also pleased to announce they will be exhibiting the Exploration 45 at the following boat shows this autumn 2014:  

– Hiswa Boat Show, The Netherlands – 2nd-7th September 2014

– Southampton Boat Show, United Kingdom – 12th-21st September 2014

– La Grand Pavois, France – 17th-22nd September 2014

– Nautic Paris, France – 6th-14th December 2014

– Boot Düsseldorf, Germany 17th-25th January 2015



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